Monday, July 25, 2011

WHAT??? 2 YEARS :)

Today, Jon and I have been married for two years. WOW!!! We have had our ups and downs, good and bads, but most of all we have love for each other.  Sure, we get on each others nerves sometimes (of course. he gets on mine more, since I am perfect..haha). I got a Nook in Color for my anniversary, he can't keep things a secret when he buys them so I got it early...that is how we roll and of course, I had his gift early and figured since he gave me mine I should give him his, so I did.  I got him vent visors for his truck, he has been wanting them since he got his new truck.  I love the fact that I am married and that we love each other and continue to grow in our marriage.  We want to have kids, hopefully sooner than later, BUT we know God is in control and it will happen when it is supposed to. 

I always wanted to have a big wedding with lots of people to share my special day with...and with the help of family and friends that is what I had.  I had the best wedding a girl could wish for, my mom and dad made my day the BEST EVER!! Of course we had lots of family to help (I am fortunate to have family that helps out when needed) and what would I have ever done without my other "moms", Wendi and Christi.  Wendi has fixed my hair for EVERYTHING...from my first prom to my engagement pics to my wedding day.  Christi is always there to make sure things are done right and the correct decisions are correct! Christi was my wedding coordinator...fabulous of course!!! Our day was special because of all my family and friends that came to experience this awsome day with us, BUT it would not have been the same without my hero, MY BUBBA! Although we would fight and he gets on my nerves, he is always there when I need him.  I had to make sure that he was NOT going to be deployed that year because I was NOT going to get married unless my brother was there. Of course, I am glad that he met Britt and that she was part of that special day also.  She made ALL the bows (I think worked since Christmas to have them all made) and was there to help decorate, make floral arrangments. and make sure it looked amazing! She is pretty much an EXPERT (atleast she thinks she, but really she does have good taste and knows what looks good!

I have posted a few pictures that I had saved on my computer of our wedding day.....Enjoy !

Dad, me, and Mom

Love being Mrs. Edge!!

Reception!! LOVED my wedding dress, but this was sooo much cooler!!!

A Toast to US!!

BIRDSEED hurts!!! Look at my pretty girls in red!

Our First Dance and Mr. and Mrs. Jon Edge!!

Father/Daughter Dance!!!

LOVED having a DJ and dancing at the reception!

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Edge ----------  July 25, 2009!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


It was nice growing up knowing that "THE JOSH OWENS" was my big brother.  You see, I am not sure how he came up with referring to himself as that, but we let him believe that he was big and bad, so we let him refer to himself as "THE JOSH OWENS".  I know that we would fight and probably drive our parents crazy, BUT I could always lean on him.  I will never forget one day at school a boy (older than I was) confronted me about something that wasn't even his business...anyways and was very RUDE...needless to say I didn't back down, even when he told me he was going to push me across the hallway!!  I was so
proud of myself (although I thought Mrs. Brown was going to have a heart attack trying to calm us down in the hallway).  I went home and told Josh what I did, I thought he would be so proud of me and I know he was, but that night I realize that he put the fear in that boy...point is my brother is ALWAYS there for me.

His better half is pretty nice also...Brittany Vick! She has been around for a while now and is crazy as all get out.  She has done so much for us in just a short amount of time. I am not sure how we decorated the Christmas Tree or anything without her knowledge...JUST DON'T LET HER IN THE KITCHEN!!! If my brother can live off of mac and cheese and sweet tea then he has it made...but on a serious note thanks for always coming down and being a good sport when mom and I put you to work!!! Love ya :)

My brother is more than a brother...he is my HERO!!! He has been deployed twice and it was rough for all of us! Just wanted him to know that I LOVE HIM and so happy to know that he is ALWAYS there no matter what I need.  Sometimes he is there to tell me I am WRONG, but hey .... we all need someone like that!!

Me and My Hero !!!

Looking "cool" as always!!

The Family !!

Josh and Britt !!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I have enjoyed most of my summer BUT I have been so busy! I am working on my Masters in Education and Theory through Arkansas State University.  I will be so glad when I finish, May 4, 2012.  We haven't had much trouble with the classes but this last one was VERY time consuming...maybe that is because we finished a 5 week class in less than 3 weeks!! I have enjoyed not working this summer, but I do miss the extra money.  I have spent most of the summer that I haven't been with my girls working on class at the pool.  It is nice having an AWESOME AUNT BRENDA that has a pool and always welcomes me to it. 

I can't believe that in less than a month school will start back...teachers go back a week or so before the students.  Of course, teachers have professional development in the summer and we also have to work in our classrooms in order for them to be ready, so really we don't have ALL summer off. 

I am looking forward this year to a new class, however I did LOVE my class last year! I will be spending the next few weeks at the pool as much as possible because SCHOOL STARTS SOON!!!