Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Pilot's Wife......

Summer is here so that means early morning and late night for the HUBBY and since I am a teacher that means the opposite for me!! Considering he doesn't EVER hear his alarm I am up EVERY morning hoping that he gets to work on time. I wouldn't have it any other way though, I always try to stay awake long enough to tell him BE CAREFUL, I LOVE YOU, and BYE BABE....same message about every morning and a kiss for see ya later!!!

At first it took me forever to fall back asleep, but I am getting better about going back to sleep ESPECIALLY when the alarm goes off at 4:00 AM......considering my plans are to enjoy my first summer off in years I better be able to go back to sleep quickly, I plan on being at the pool by NOON everyday!!!!

I am not sure if I will know how to act not getting up with Jon to be at Strohl Aviation every morning. This will be the first year that I am not working at Strohl Aviation since David started his own business, so that means I won't see Jon as much. :(  Although working with your husband can be stressful at times, it was nice to be able to see him land and take off and KNOW where he was flying at all times. I am glad that Cindy will be working there this summer because she takes care of them, however I will honestly miss it! I know she worries and prays for them like I do, I guess it doesn't matter how long you are married, we will always worry!!

Jon loves flying and I am so glad that he is able to fly with David because that's where his heart is. I always worry and wonder about him when he is flying. There are times when I just have to call the flying service just to check on him and make sure he is okay, especially if it is windy or a storms coming. I know he is a great pilot and David has taught him so much but I will always worry about him. I know that God will take care of him and that he hears my prayers, PLUS it is also comforting to know that my parents say a special prayer for him every morning.

Just remember JON that I LOVE YOU and BE CAREFUL!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


When I was younger, I didn't realize how lucky I was to have both a mom and dad who loved me very much.  I was under the assumption that all children had the life that I did....BOY was I wrong. Throughout my teenage years, of course I knew that some people didn't have a mom and dad but it wasn't until I began teaching that it really hit home. 

Here I was young, married, and starting my career.  I had just got married right before my first year teaching, so of course I realized how much my parents had really done for me. 

I will never forget my first field trip as a teacher, my mom had always went on my field trips when I was little and I always had what I needed.  We were getting ready to leave and go on our field trip so I was doing what I knew to do....put names on lunch, put names on drinks, count the number of kids, first aid kid ready, ice chest ready, etc.... Then, one child brought me her lunch and I was like WHAT'S THIS??? NEVER SAY THAT OUT was a Wal-mart sack and as I opened it up this is what I found....a somewhat of a PB&J (or that is what she called it), half eaten apple, and a few pecans on top!!! I could have just sat there and cried, no one told me that a child would bring something like that for lunch! I didnt know to bring extra lunches for kids, that wasn't something we learned in school :) Thank goodness for Bro. Minton who was making a run to the store to get extra lunches.  I think about that day a lot!!

Now, I know that I have taken my parents for granted at times.....Sitting in the emergency room AGAIN Wednesday (this time for a kidney stone), of course my mom was right beside me and dad was in waiting room, I asked her: What do people do that don't have parents?? She just said "I don't know."  Being in the er twice in a month and a half made me realize that I don't know where I would be without my parents.  We got in about 5 that morning from the er, mom and dad both had to go to work.  I hope one day when I become a mommy, I am as important to my child as my parents are to me.  They are always there for me!!

Jon had to be at work at 4:30 and he is a pilot so he couldn't stay out ALL night so my parents took me to the er.  Of course, Jon wanted to take me but he had to get some sleep so he could be in the right mind to fly. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One of the hardest days........

As most of you know, we were so excited when we found out that we were going to have a baby! We did everything right and the time was right, so we thought.....on April 15th after a LONG day in 2 different emergency rooms, I discovered that I was having a miscarriage.  I will forever remember that day for as long as I live.  It was an emotional roller coaster as well as a bad experience with an emergency room. 

That morning when I woke up, I knew something was wrong; I called mom and woke Jon up, off to Stuttgart we go (I knew what was happening, so I thought Stuttgart would be fine)....BOY was I wrong.  Jon and I arrive at Stuttgart ER and was quickly placed in a room.  They did the usual test (pregnancy test, HCG test, and ultrasound) the mean time we SAT there knowing about nothing that was going on because the doctor didn't come give us updates.  I knew my mom had all she could stand (I was of course texting her to keep her updates) and finally came down to check on her baby (yes, I am still the baby in the family) !!  After sitting there 7 hours and yes I mean 7 hours, the doctor informed me that my levels were ok BUT it appeared that I had debris in my uterus....WHAT??? In the meantime I was thinking if I told my kids the word "debris" they would be thinking the same thing I did, that is the TRASH after a tornado....By this point we were all getting mad at the whole situation.  We left Stuttgart and made a trip to LR ER....the doctor was much more friendly but also had to inform me that I was indeed having a miscarriage.....all we could do is cry.  I kept asking WHY US??/ We had done this the right way (got married, had a job, house, etc) but quickly we realized it wasn't anything that we did WRONG, it was God's way of taking care of us and the baby.  I do have to say that it was hard and still hard, especially when some people who do not know that we lost the baby, come up to us and congratulate us....then we say "Thank You" but we lost the baby.  Of course they feel terrible, and it is hard on us but they didnt know.

I was also informed that I have A-, which means that I have to have a shot everytime I get preggo....The doctor gave me a full most of you know I do not like shots and this one hurt.  If I didn't get the shot then I would have more than likely miscarried everytime b/c of the antibodies from this miscarriage.

While trying to put that horrible day behind us, I have come to realize that I need to change OB doctors...The nurses at my doctors office (whom I called all week before that Friday) didn't seem to care about what was happening but did inform me to go to local er if I thought I was having a the search is on for a new doctor.

I would appreciate all and any comments from my followers!!!

First Blog....Hope this works!

Welcome to "Keeping up with the Edge's".  I hope that I am able to figure this site out where my family and friends can keep up with the things that are going on with my family and around our area.  It will take me a while to get that hang of blogging, but I hope to get it under control soon! My page is still a work in progress!!

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